One of the great things regarding the fitness world is you don't necessarily need a gym to increase your overall health! Walking is the easiest way to get more active, become healthier and lose weight. A lot of research has suggested that people who fit walking, or moderate activity in their day to day life burn more energy than those who only make weekly visits to the gym.

Just replacing the car with walking for short journeys or cycling to work, and planning longer walks on the weekends can help improve your overall fitness. Other ways you can incorporate more physical activity is by doing home exercises; there are lots of 10 minute home workouts available that improve your health whilst toning your legs, tummy, buttocks and arms.

Although there is lots you can do in your own home or on various sports pitches, the most common way of people getting into the swing of fitness is by going to their local gym. Some like to get straight into it by using the equipment, but others make use of the exercise classes or swimming on particular days. Don't forget though, the world is your gym. Keeping this in mind, there are fitness plans that incorporate outdoor exercise.

Eventually when you feel more comfortable at your level of fitness, considering taking up more high intensity sports such as gymnastics can help you sustain a solid routine.

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